Infrastructure and Facilities

“The physical environment of a classroom is extremely important to effective teaching and learning” Keeping this in mind, all our class rooms are in order to maintain a pleasant climate throughout.

Whatever maybe the level of education, our teachers may have gone through, they are subjected to a thorough in-house training before they start their careers in our school. Every teacher will undergo an orientation program before the beginning of every academic year.

The student – teacher ratio is 20:1. Hence our teachers are able to provide individual attention to each child in class. The ambience is child friendly. The children in our school enjoy their surroundings and are happy to come to school every day.

Our medium of teaching is English. Other languages: Our school is involved in teaching multiple languages English and Hindi taught with Tamil or Malayalam as mother tongue.

Many extra-curricular activities are involved in our school program like keyboard, yoga, chess, western dance, splash pool activities etc.We have a school van and bus for those who wish to avail that facility. Bus and van available for Idigarai, Kovilpalayam, Annur, Ganpathy, Gandhipuram, Sivanandhacolony, Periyanaikenpalayam, Thadagam, Kanuvai, Karamadai for the convenience of the student.

Our school is well furnished with modern and new computer facilities. The software fully based on animations and multimedia experience. We deliver high speed internet connectivity for student to learn new technologies.

Toddlers Park

The Eminent Scientist Albert Einstein once said “Look Deep into Nature and you will understand everything better” we believe that Nature will teach our children in a better way. Our School is in an environment surrounded completely by tress and clean air. Birds fly freely inside our campus and they sing for our children. A pond is inside our campus with colourful fishes which gives treat to the eyes of our children.

Colorful Building

Building of the school is designed ergonomically which suit’s the children’s need for light and space. The campus has one of the best in class infrastructures, wide staircase and corridors which makes it easily accessible and safe. Facilities like drinking water and toilets are made available on each floor making it easy and faster for students to access. Our Air Conditioned Class Rooms and comfortable furniture in our classes make the students feel better.


Faculty plays a multiple role in student’s life as a mentor, philosopher and guide shaping a child’s personality, inducing positive thoughts, stimulating analytical thinking and inculcating decision making ability leading the child to the path of achievements. Our faculty uses varied teaching strategies through online and offline resources. Our teacher work regularly to encourage individuality, creativity and dynamism. Our faculties attend regular workshops and training sessions and stay updated as per global standards.

Computer Facilities

Our School is well equipped with modern computing facilities. The software based learning solutions, multimedia experience, e-resources and high speed internet connectivity make the students to learn new technology.

Individual Attention

We observe and understand the needs and expectations of every child and provide each child an environment of caring, enlightening, enriching, self-learning, group learning, motivating, experimenting, discovering and learning with fun. The maximum number of students is limited to 25 per class room and this enables the Teacher to supervise the class more effectively and pay individual attention to every child.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are dedicated to offer our students a wide-range of opportunities to allow each student to broaden and deepen student’s experiences and skills. To facilitate this, we have both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The importance of academic achievement for any student is essential and our founder believe firmly that for a well-rounded education, fun and energetic interests are also essential. These activities can help students to improve social skills and overall productivity. For ensuring the all-round development of students, they are exposed to both Indoor and Outdoor activities through the week.


Martial Arts training is more than great exercise and self-defense. Skilled instructors challenge students to overcome personal barriers, and enhance life skills that are requisite to success in our competitive society.

Physical Training

PHYSICAL Training is needed for the physical, and social emotional growth of all the students. Physical Training enhance the student concentration while reducing behaviour problems. Physical Training promote student health and build team work among the students


Our school is involved in teaching multiple languages English and Hindi taught with Tamil or Malayalam as mother tongue.

Medical Facilities

Nairs Vidhaya Mandhir works to protect and promote the health of all students. A team of medical personnel consisting of qualified doctors, nurses and health assistants keenly watch children’s movements; health problems and learning disorders. The medical team will inspect the children and report to specialists on requirement.

Meditation Center

Meditation release mind/body stress and make the mind stable. This then gives space to relax into the inner silence. One should be mentally strong to perform things productively. Nairs Vidhya Mandhir which gives more importance to discipline, culture and spiritual education. Yoga, Classical music and Dance training’s are given to students with well-equipped trainers.


Every kid deserve a chance to head to the cafeteria and sit down, relax, and enjoy the company of your friends over a lunchtime meal. Making a healthy choice is really important and we have a well-furnished cafeteria which serves healthy and nourishing foods and drinks to our students. Quality products are sold in our cafeteria to supply energy to students.