Founder & Chairman

“Vidhya Rathna” Dr. N. BALAN NAIR M.A, Ph.D., is an eminent person filled with more values. His search is persisitent, His service is unending and He’s untiring. Imparting right knowledge, enhancing wisdom and creating distinct individuals is his agenda. His knowledge and his leadership skills played a vital role in developing the institution in a short time. In a competitive environment building an institution with high quality was made easy by his hard work.  His several years of valuable experience in technology management while working for leading Educational Institutions helped him to make us stand tall among other institutions. Dr. N. BALAN NAIR is a man with a heart filled with compassion, his concern for the society made him to start Ammain Arakkattalai Educational Trust. From the day he started the trust he’s keenly interested in taking it to the next level. He used every failures to grow higher and today he is handling the operations of various institutions. It’s by his guidance and support every teachers working with him could mould and create a better student for the society. The main thing that he insists to every teachers and students is that to live with a concern for the society, now and then he talks about the impact that an individual can make in a society. He’s well known for his Social Activities among people.